Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Like a BOSS

Write scripts:
Like a boss.

Model undies:
Like a boss.

Grocery shopping:
Like a boss.

Make dinner:
Like a boss.

Edit shows:
Like a boss.

Dance Cancan:
Like a boss.

Manage workflow:
Like a boss.

Touch penis:

Hi Kiddies,

It's your trusty friend Lindsay here with another exciting blog post! I know, you've all been on pins and needles since last Wednesday. LET ME KEEP MY DELUSIONS.

Since I've blogged last, some pretty neat things have happened. Last Thursday I drove into San Francisco to retrieve a GoPro from a former co-worker. He was on set for a sci-fi web series, and upon my arrival, thrust his Rebel T3 into my wee hands and told me the director wanted me to shoot some behind-the-scenes footage. FUCK. YES. So I did. I got to hang out on set, where I ran into Jeremy Jones (of Pico Mause fame) who was there not only as the fight coordinator, but also main cast as well. He said the director wanted to see some of my acting work (of which I'm woefully short in actual video) for Season 3. ERMAHGERRRRRD. This guy, Jeremy, also sent Magehaven director Chuckie Marshall my way, and we're still set to film February 2-3, and he wants me to head up interviewing cast and crew for more documentaries about the series. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Can't. WAIT.

Thursday I edited my video, and posted it Friday morning. Friday evening, Le Cancan Bijou was scheduled to perform at 9:37, so I took the GoPro and filmed this wee video of more behind-the-scenes shenanigans with the help of my best friends, Chalyce and Stefani. I thought a vid about what it's like for historical showgirls to do their thang at one of these events would be neat. Whatevs. Don't judge.

My weekend was full of projects and editing and planning the next 4 months. And Monday I edited the Edwardian Ball video. Tuesday I streamed on I really have the best audience ever. The dudes who patiently watch me embarrass myself twice weekly are incredible. If I ever am lucky enough to meet them irl I would hug them until they pooped. (And no, I'm not be facetious.)

Monday I had a "nerdy boudoir" photoshoot with a great photographer. More cute with Star Wars shirts and my coke-bottle thick glasses (which, if I may add, are NOT fake... I'm horribly blind... D:) Here's an iPhone pic I made Ian take to torture my poor boyfriend:

(Pro Tip: If you're a male photographer {hell, ANY dude could use this advice}, and you want to make women comfortable around you, TALK TO THEM. Ask them questions, make them laugh. Talk, talk, talk. If you're not threatening and desperately trying to get their attention, it's amazing how comfortable, and how far, you'll get with us. You're welcome.)

Misha has gallantly taken the reigns as my Head Writer for a group of amazingly funny people, and they've already punched this weeks' script up. Holy eff, it's going to be great. I'm working on scripts for the Game of Thrones video I'll be shooting in about a month with Jon and Tom of Mars Rising Films down in LA (and hopefully, Trucker Pirates will be filmed while I'm down there as well...)

I have another modeling shoot where I'll be recreating this picture.

I'm really excited for it. I never thought I'd be into implied nude modeling, however, as the concept of this shoot is me as a chessboard... yiss..... I shall take this job.

WHEW. And all that was in just one week. Who knew being your own boss would fill up all your time?? I love it though. So much win.

And that's all the time I have for you this week. I gotta go shoot my show and go buy ALL THE GROCERIES with le Misha. He's so dreamy.

Until next Wednesday, my people.

Stay classy,
Ron Burgundy. 

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