Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Blog that Skrillex Helped to Write

Hello intrepid friends!

It is I, your friend Lindsay! Not entirely sure what this blog will be about, so just bear with me. It may even be amusing!

Let's begin with a wee bit of gloating: my former tenure at Curse garnered me some neat stats, my favorite among them being that 6 of the top 10 most popular videos on Curse Entertainment feature yours truly with the most viewed video having 122,974 views as of today. Ahem. Juuuuuust sayin'.

I seem to be getting the hang of this working from home schedule. I gotta say, it's a little tough... even though I don't have an imperious boss looming over me and telling me I suck anymore and the commute is really hard to beat. Hell, I can even work on my stuff without wearing any pants! (Proud to say that today I am wearing pants, thankyouverymuch.) Proof:

Where we're at: iMac is coming home again FOR REALS this time. My Weekly Geekly show will happen! FUCK YEAH. I have people in mind to interview, and I cannot wait for everyone to see the results. And even though my iMac was D-E-D dead, I still managed to get a weak-sauce craptastic video out yesterday, which is a rough concept for my Monday morning show.

Working on some video projects apart from the weekly show, like Magehaven. We shoot in February and I get to show off my l337 ren faire skills.  And thanks to Pico Mause and her boyfriend Jeremy for the lead on this one.

Also working on ASOIF video with my Beastie, Jon, from Mars Rising Films down in LA as well as Trucker Pirates, a Grindhouse-esque movie trailer about revenge and... trucker pirates. I get all ass-kicky in this one.

Streaming seems to be going well. The learning curve on League is really steep, especially since I never really PVP'd before. I kind of panic and mash buttons until I die or am able to outrun whomever is stabbing me. Also on the list of streaming shenanigans is to play some Minecrack with David and Toby from Minecraft Forums. Hopefully, Sacheverell will join as well because I love me some Sach. In that way. Want to also organize lowbie raids in WoW.

And there you have it. All the news that fit to print. Or something. I'm going to head offline now and clumsily strum my banjo and then head to Cancan rehearsal. HISTORY NERDS FOR THE WIN.

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