Monday, February 4, 2013

Damn You, Shark Week!

Ahoy, fellow people!

It's been awhile since I've written to you folks. Remind me to do so more frequently. K, thanks. Also, Shark Week*. So, everyone can just... diaf.


I'm gearing up for another week of show prep, and I'm sourcing a ton of neat shit that's been percolating the ether since Friday. Holy shitballs, people. The world is a wacky place. D: I completed two photoshoots. One of which is me being a human chessboard, a pic of which is coming soon. The second shoot's pictures are up on my Facebook page. Go stalk at your leisure.

I also did a drunk stream extravaganza on last Friday night. I had nearly an entire bottle of wine to my lonesome, and even in spite of my drunken debauchery I managed to glean some more minions... er, followers. I don't remember the latter half of the evening, however, thanks to modern technology, I am able to go back and relive the unremembered flaming glory. So glad I was able to preserve this moment for posterity's sake. Cheers, mothafuckas!

Being the genius I am, I decided that drinking a whole bottle of wine the night before I had to be on set for 12 hours was a good idea. Luckily enough for me, le Misha knows how to cure what ails his retarded girlfriend. So Saturday morning I was still a little... buzzy. But I had no time for such trivial matters. MAGEHAVEN WAITS FOR NO MAN. Or a hungover bitch. Whatever.

Saturday was my day to shoot my scene in the upcoming episode of Magehaven, a gritty fantasy web show. I play the barmaid, and Misha came along to be in the show as the barkeep. The entire cast and crew of this show are incredible. Seriously. I love being around pros whose passion really gels everyone together. I can't wait for everyone to see this shit. Fuck yeah, stuff!

And Sunday = Niners got pwnd. The end.

So that's what's been happening. I have lots to do, so I'm keeping this brief, like.. my... mom...? I'll try to blog tomorrow, as well.

Happy Monday, everyone!

*Shark Week (TMI ALERT!!!)
= what I call my period. Because. Yes.

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