Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Kingdom for Coffee

Hullo friends! 

Lindsay here, continuing to chronicle the journey to dominate the wily and mysterious Internets. Elusive bugger. COFFEE! Must... drink... all the coffee! Ack! Troubleshooting is such an energy-zapper. Who knew?

Today brought a new (to us) Canon Rebel T2i! Thanks, Random Guy on Craigslist! And HUGE thanks to Misha for his super hardcore mode in driving our asses nearly 2 hours roundtrip to hop on a great deal. /hi5 I think that's his Mutant Power. And now that the focal point (heh) of our Sky High Studio has arrived, we're finally able to iron out the next kink in our massive, sprawling plot-line. Joy! 

Up next for us: to have our Battle Station fully operation by Tuesday. I have a show to produce here, people. Troubleshooting thus far has been the biggest time-sink. The learning curve is quite steep, and testing compatibility between OS X and Win 7 is a tricksy Hobbitses. Not sure if any of you have experience with this sort of thing, however, we are more than accepting of suggestions, advice and recommendations. 

The little I was able to glean from working with others, as well as Misha's inestimable ability to keep us moving forward and organized and flush with everything we need, has served us in getting this venture off the ground. 

Thanks to the support of you amazing people, we now have subscribers on my YouTube channel. I suspect this may be the only time where the number of subscribers will be higher than the number of videos for awhile. I'm so totally O.K. with that. For now. /shakes fist

I'll check in with y'all tomorrow for another post about the goings-on with us. I'll also be streaming some League of Legends on my stream, Lindsay Online, at some point tomorrow. Calloo callay! 

I shall end this post with what will become standard: PLEASE be sure to spread this around like jam on toast. Your reposts, likes, shares and Tweets really do more than money can right now, and it really is just the click of a button. Also, please be sure you like and sub to our channel and FB page, and follow us on Twitter. 

Look at it this way: if we garner enough support through you guys, we'll stop spamming you! We all win! ;)


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