Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clouds are tricky, or people are liars

We know those fucking people. You know the ones who look up at the clouds and say "Oh, I see a cute wee bunny!" And when you go to look, you don't see anything. Just a bunch of fluff, but, like, you totally don't want to sound like a moron, so you kinda go "Oohhh, yeah…." And then you feel like an asshole because you lied about seeing a crappy bunny and then it dawns on you that your friend could potentially be high and/or on meth but then you go back to feeling like a moron because you really wanted to see a cute wee bunny. Smells like fail.

Either the clouds are fucking with you and want you to think you're retarded, or, people are liars. I'm thinking both. 

Those communist clouds up there. All like, happy and shit. And when one cloud gets too big the whole sky turns gray. And you just know they put up that screen so we can't see what the other smaller clouds do to that one big one; and then the skies clear and… no more big cloud. Cannibalistic commie mother fuckers. 

That's all you are getting today. I'm cranky-pants, and I'm going to stop writing before I call you all Sex Pickles. Muno = Sex Pickle. Why this would be on a children's show about LCD is beyond me. 

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